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Our advices

At we are here to guide you and give you some advice that you can buy from us or elsewhere ;-)
Find here some tips to make a good deal.
  • Before buying a used or new product:
  1. Check your iPhone if it is fully unlocked, that is to say: you must reset all the parameters even if the seller insists that it has already been done,  because there is a method to bypass some checks during the configuration of the iPhone, do all the same a restore / reset after if all is well the iPhone will start normally otherwise the phone will be locked by a security system (iCloud or MDM) from its previous owner.  
  2. Check Face iD, Touch ID, Wifi, Bluetooth, Screen, Touch, Cameras, Sound, Mic when making calls.
  3. The authenticity of the product must be verified. For Apple products, there is an Apple product verification tool, you will enter only the serial number of the product and you will have all the information concerning the Apple product, if the latter exists in the Apple database, it is very original. When the number entered is incorrect it means that the product is not genuine. Here is the direct link to Apple's verification tool:
  • This is the first question that must be asked. If you are looking for a smartphone primarily for making calls, checking emails or surfing the internet, do you really need the latest style Samsung Galaxy S21 or the iPhone 12 Pro? You will be able to access all these functions - with more or less fluidity - on all smartphones, including the more affordable models.  You have to be sure of your choice, because several parameters come into play and wonder why I am going to buy this product, is it useful for me? Is this setup right for me? Can I buy a product that is right for me without breaking the bank?
For Macs, there are several models and configurations.
  • For personal use such as browsing, watching movies or listening to music, a Macbook Ai r is sufficient for this.
  • For professional use, word processing, browsing, image processing, sound or video editing, architecture, a Macbook Pro with a Core i7, i9 or M1 processors, a 16 GB or 32 GB ram is desirable for this type of 'use.
The choice of screen size:
  • A 15 inch or 16 inch screen is more comfortable for a professional.
  • For personal use, there is an 11 inch, 12 inch, and 13 inch screen size for this type.  
If you need help with your purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are available on Whatsapp,  Facebook , Instagram, by Email and Phone
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