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Macbook Pro  (2016  to 2020)


- New Arrival / In Stock  : the product is currently available in our stock.
- Novelty  : the product has just been released and it is available on our online store.
- Exclusivity : the product is only available at Marrakech Sales and nowhere else.
- On demand  : the product is available on order.
- Sold  : the product has been sold, however the product remains visible on our site to get an idea of the prices offered.
- Price In store  : the price generally found with the competition.
- Crossed out price  : old price before a promotion.
- Touch Bar : multi-touch screen on the top of the keyboard of Macbook Pro of the year from 2016 to 2021.
- Touch ID  : fingerprint reader presented on Macbook Pro from 2016 to 2021.
- New  : the product has never been used and completely new in its original packaging, never opened.
- Almost New : the product is in near-new condition, supplied with its original charger.

- Very good condition : the product is in good condition, but with some signs of wear,  supplied with sound  original charger.
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